Guilin CITS Welcome You to Work For Free

Let’s see. We are a big travel agency, actually we are the CITS of
Guilin. We (should) make a lot of money because there are many, many
people coming to Guilin. According to our website it is “a world famous
tourist city for its picturesque scenery, as well as a well-known
cultural and historic city.” A 4 Days Traditional New Year tour will set you back a mere US$668 p/p. And we like YOU, student/retired
person or a person
who is traveling in China and would like to spend some time in/around
beautiful Guilin?, to work for us for free. You can pay your own
airfare, food and drinks but we can help you with an invitation letter
so you can enter the Mainland. You can work 5 days a week, a minimum of
5 hours a day, and teach us English, edit the website, do the customer
communication etc. and yes, we even give you a furnished
apartment. Whenever I read this kind of crap, this cheap
behaviour, to trick foreigners into working for free I really get

It reminds me of the the time a friendly student asked me if I wanted
to participate in a nice travel weekend and do some dances and sing a
lovely Dutch song. They would pay me 100 Rmb and I had of course the
chance to see the beautiful scenery. And who organized it again, oh
right, the big jewellery store that was expanding and needed some nice

If you are interested to work for free for the CITS, just go here. They need you all year round.

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