Fitness and the (Hair) Blow-Dryer

One of my perpetual resolutions is shaping my stomach to a size that my buckle pin has more options than just one.

Fitness seems to be one of the activities that may help me here and after paying a lot of money I am now a member of such a centre. So far, so good and now it’s a matter of forcing myself there and start running without ever going anywhere, push weights and passing a Phd to understand machines that are intended to work out my body without me doing anything. Luckily there is also a lot to experience.

An Overview:

  • After registering at the counter, a set of towels is given to me as well as tag with the number of my locker. My locker is always close to other white people’s lockers. Apparently there are some segregation rules to avoid nativesseeing aliens undress and vice versa.
  • Each tredmill has it’s own tv-set. Although China has hundreds of tv-channels, a maximum of 6 available.
  • The channels are preset in away that CCTV 1 is under 20, going backwards there is Shanghai TV on 8 and 6 and some other non descript channels. In between there is a blue screen and a lot of snow.
  • I usually preset the channels again to keep myself distracted from what I am actually doing. The next time the same set has been reversed to .. well you guess.
  • During the day it’s not busy. House Music is therefore on high volume to make me feel less lonely. My headset, which I use to listen to the tv, is now just making me look cool.
  • The center provides hair dry blowers which are used by guys standing naked in front of the mirror and drying everything but their hair. Toes, groins, and torso’s are blowed.
  • When I leave I am happy to eat my lunch. A burger with french fries. I have to keep a balance.
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One Response to “Fitness and the (Hair) Blow-Dryer”

  1. Shanghai Fitness Centre Hopping | Shanghai China Snippets
    January 27th, 2007 03:04

    Our old fitness centre, Total Fitness on Nanjing Xi Lu, was not bad at the beginning. Sure, they had problems with the volume of the music and I had to get used to men drying their scrotum with a hair dryer, but getting past that, it was ok. That’s Shanghai fitness, I gathered. …

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