The State of My Blog

What is the purpose of my blog? It’s a question I have been asking
myself lately. Do I want to share all my personal trivial snippets with
the rest of the world. No, not really. Do I want to be become a leading
commentary on events in China. Again, not really. I like to
notice and share what’s going on in this part of the world but I don’t
intend to rant. And why am I exposing others now to my internal
thinking process. Basically, because writing it down instead of letting
it go round and round in my head, it hopefully helps me to get things
clearer. A good blog needs self discipline I notice. Not innate to me
but I can learn. At least one post a day. A good blog needs focused
content and within reason be original. A good blog needs to be about my
own interest. My interests are news, especially articles that one way
or another show the absurdity of reality, information in general and
observing my surroundings. Has this writing helped. I wonder. A bit,
and it’s at least a post.

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