World Mother Tongue Day

Apparently I missed an important day. The World Mother Tongue Day.
Never heard of it , maybe because the Dutch language is never allowed
to participate. The People’s Daily carries a lovely “Opinion”
which rambles on about the poor state of comprehension Chinese
youngsters have of their own language. One of the conclusions in this
article is ” Particularly today when China’s overall national strength
increasing, its international status is rising and its international
influence is expanding with each passing day, we should all the more
take pride in our own unique, time-honored mother tongue, we should
even have such an ambition: Let our Chinese language go global as does
English.” So for all you businessmen coming here, you better teach
yourself 4000 characters, learn how to pronounce them in 4 dialects or
…. just wait a bit and talk to the young generation whose English is
improving by the day.

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