Real Socialists Don’t Lip-Synch

It’s that time of the year again. The Chinese People’s Political
Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has gathered in Beijing to talk on
important Chinese matters and advise the CPC Central Committee (The
cabinet). The CPPCC is the closest thing to a real parliament. They
just like rubber stamps a bit more. Many important matters are
discussed and one stands really out, The Lip-Synch Ban. If you ever
felt annoyed about Chinese singers faking it on tv, put your faith in
Ma Bomin. I read about her quest this morning in the fixed version of
South China Morning Post (no link as you have to pay to see the virtual
version), wrote down the text and will text-synch it to you.

If NPC Deputy Ma Bomin has her way, pop singers who lip-synch -
notably teen idols from HK- can count themselves out of the Mainland
music market. “We need to draft a culture law with Chinese socialist
characteristics to outlaw lip-synching”. Ms. Ma, from Shanghai, was
quoted as saying by the Chna News Service. “Lip-synching is just like
counterfeiting for the performance market, and that should be spurned

I am happy to read CPPCC members use their once a year trip to Beijing
to tackle the real counterfeiting problems. Just bought three seaons of
the series Alias.

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