Shanghai Shopping Walnuts & again Lemons

Had a nice trip to the Shangyang market again, the part where they sell real stuff like real meat and vegetables. Before that we had wandered in Maominglu finding summer clothes. My white face seems to be a price increase indicator. One saleswoman told me that 400 Kuai is only 40 euri, well, I went out and W. stayed to negotiate. The lemon sales woman was more up front. She told W. that if I would have been there on my own she would have asked for 7 Renminbi/500 Gram. W. made a difference of 3 kuai.

* Lemons (local) - 4 Rmb - 500 gr - Shang Yang Market
* Walnuts (fresh) - 21 Rmb - 500 gr - Shang Yang Market
* Oranges (local) - 1 Rmb - 500 gr - Near home
* Mango (big ones) - 3.8 - 500 gr - Near home

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