Property Bubble or Not?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the property bubble in the Shanghai real estate market. Prices have soared to more than 20000 Kuai/Square Meter and they just seem to like the sky.

The local government is trying to cool things a bit but it has to be seen if this will have any effect. A few weeks ago we thought it could be fun to take a look at some apartments that are available. We went to the area we like (no, won’t tell you which one:) and talked to some real estate agents.

In Shanghai it is really never a problem to find a real estate agency anyway. There are more real estate agents than taxi’s. Last weekend we saw our first apartment and although location wise almost perfect, for us anyway, it is surprising how the original architect has been able to f*** up an absolute great chance of creating a real livable place. Despite the great location, it was just a dark hole. For 20.000 a square meter of course. Well, this was only the first so let’s wait and see what more we will see. If the market goes down as promised I will be even better.

To get a bit more insight you can read this thread.

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