Monday Morning Rant

Yesterday I realized again why I hate shopping in supermarkets in China.

The Lotus Supermarket in Pudong, Shanghai:

  • Asking staff where one has to go to move to a different floor only results in a shrug of the shoulder and vaguely pointing of a hand while at the same time the head is doing it’s best to stare somewhere in oblivion.
  • The cheese and meat section has a lovely counter, the only thing lacking is a person behind it. It takes some gesturing, walking over to somewhere else to get a person willing to help. Disturbing these persons in their very important conversations with colleagues is, I admit, rather intrusive.
  • Taxi stand, we don’t have a taxi stand anymore, just carry your kilo’s up the stairs, wrestle though the crowds and hope there is a taxi. Thanks for shopping and by the way, prices are roughly the same as in the small supermarket around the corner
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