Monday Evening Rant in Shanghai

It’s hot and I just had a trial class Mandarin. Although having
studied it before it was time to get a real teacher involved again.
Together with a friend we spent one hour, in which our levels were
decided. Somewhere in between beginner and intermediate it is. But this
wouldn’t be a rant without ranting.

cold shanghai

To start ranting about my teacher or the manager accompanying her would be judging too fast. No, I want to rant about the fools who build new buildings here in Shanghai and decide that the airconditioning has to be turned off centrally at 6 ‘o clock in the evening. 6 ‘o clock sharp the machines stop and while Shanghai is known for the fact that Summers are hot the
builders, architects never thought of the option to let each company itself decide when to turn it off. No let’s do it central, that is less hassle and who works anyway after 18:00 hrs.

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