Yangshuo | English | Restaurants Reviews III

I mentioned before that most of the waitresses in the bars have pretty good English. It makes Yangshuo a weird enclave with bars, restaurants, hotels and lots of schools to learn English.

They all seem to be in need of teachers so if you want to relax and make some travel money this might be a nice spot.

I was actually asked by a lady if I was willing to teach the daughter of a friend of hers. Only one month as a preparation for the girl’s big jump abroad. “You teach very beautiful girl” was the pitch. “Only one month, so you can stay here, ok..” was the second phrase.

I uttered that I actually lived in Shanghai. “No problem, only one month, teach beautiful girl’. My answer that my wife would be less pleased made her try once more “No problem, only one month”. She left but I was tempted:)

Yangshuo - Jimmy’s Bar - West Street (Xi Jie)

  • Wine - 86 Rmb - Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon 1999
  • Double Espresso - 20 Rmb - The absolute best in town
  • Beer - Local 630 MM - 7 Rmb
  • Club Sandwich - 18 Rmb - Medium taste/li>
  • Garlic Bread - 10 Rmb - average, 4 pieces if I recall correctly

Pleasant bar with a very enthusiastic waitress called Spring. She opens a bottle of wine almost perfectly; she’ll even let you sniff the cork. Mentioned before is their Double Espresso that is near perfect
Unknown Bar

Yangshuo - Rosewood Inn - Side street West Street/Gui Hua Street

  • Breakfast (2 fried eggs, juice/coffee, toast, (not so tasteful) ham) - 12 Rmb - One of the cheapest western breakfast places, though not the best
  • Coffee - 6 Rmb - They have a special with Brazilian coffee. It’s watery so avoid

As it is just out of West Street it’s quieter and situated next to a small stream the location is nice. Food wise not too good and they hardly speak English

Yangshuo - 98 Bar & Restaurant - Side street West Street/Gui Hua Street

  • Breakfast (2 fried eggs, tea/coffee, 2x toast, hash brown, grilled tomato, nice crispy bacon) - 22 Rmb - Next to the same stream as the Rosewood inn but quality wise definitely the superior.

One of the best breakfasts available. Service is friendly and the saltshaker is actually sprinkling salt.

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6 Responses to “Yangshuo | English | Restaurants Reviews III”

  1. China Blog | China Snippets - Shanghai Views » Blog Archive » Yangshuo Updates
    July 4th, 2005 00:31

    by yourself. The advantage of having a guide is clear the moment your bike breaks down. Yangshuo Restaurant Reviews III Yangshuo Restaurant Reviews IV …

  2. David
    October 31st, 2008 02:48

    We loved Luna on the roof of the Moon Hill Village Inn. It seems like not many people know about it because it just opened in early October but it’s fantastic - both the views &Italian food. It’s one of the few yangshuo restaurants where you can enjoy a peaceful meal without anyone trying to sell you something!

  3. Ymke
    December 21st, 2008 02:05

    It’s not the Moon Hill Village Inn, it’s Yangshuo Village Inn. Maybe some people call it that because it’s in Moon Hill. Definitely worth checking out. The service isn’t particularly speedy, but what a view! So we don’t mind that we spent a little more time here at Luna. One of our recommended Yangshuo Restaurants along with Cafe China and Rock Grill.

  4. Eric
    January 15th, 2009 07:48

    If you come to Yangshuo next time, You’d better pay a visit to Moon Hill Village. There is a new but very wonderful Italian Restaurant. You not only can enjoy the fantastic foods here ,but also can enjoy the beautiful Moon Hill views from the nice rooftop ! Also, if you wanna get the local foods, this is the best destination for you to choose. It’s busy during the day-time here. More info, please visit their website: www.yangshuoguesthouse.com.

  5. diana cike
    February 10th, 2009 04:27

    Stay away from Music East&West Cafe–needed my burger fix, this was about the size of a US 50 cent piece, and the waitresses laughed when they brought it. I should have not paid the 28 RMB, but was hungry from hiking–still, would never go back. Stick with Drifters.

  6. Andy
    December 16th, 2010 05:51

    Next time try “The Alley - Yangshuo Beer Bar & Restaurant” for their Espresso. Burgers, Pizza and Steaks are excellent as well and - nomen est omen - they have an impressive beer list. Service s great and everybody speaks English. www.yangshuo-beer-bar.com

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