What Kind of Job

A friend’s daughter was asked what she wanted to be once she was a grown-up. She took her time to think about it. Others suggested some jobs, like doctor, journalist etc. Her reaction, Neehhh, too tiring.

I don’t know whether this is universal or not for kids these days. I only know that when I was that age “tiring” was not one of the benchmarks about my possible future job. It is now though.

Making computer games was something she would consider. She is 10.

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2 Responses to “What Kind of Job”

  1. holajkim
    August 2nd, 2005 21:18

    when i was that age, everybody in the class was educated to say ‘i want to be a scientist’!
    now it sounds ridiculous to me, cos that’s almost one of the most tiring n boring jobs i could think of ;)

  2. jim @ Irish Jobs
    October 7th, 2007 17:50

    When I was that age I wanted to be a fireman or a police man, I’ve got to agree with the 10 year old they just seem so tiring…lol

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