A Mission | Incompetent Chinese Websites

I admit, I am biased, have been on the internet way too much in my life and tend to be more cynical than the average person can stand. So on forehand forgive me but I get more and more absolutely sick, tired and frustrated with the English sections of Chinese websites.
Provided of course there is one or rather it still exists.

I just went to the website of the China Open, a pretty big tennis tournament in Beijing. Actually it starts tomorrow. The 10th. I am sure the organizers regard themselves as very international, scientific and therefore have an English section. Nothing special as it is an international ATP tournament, right…

Well wrong, just check out their “tournament guide“. Ohh, it is last years, the one of 2004. So I click the “schedule of play”, I am sure they finished working this out as it will be hard to let the players choose themselves tomorrow who they want to play.

I click and I click and well, I can continue with that for the rest of the day but still go nowhere
Utter incompetence for an event that aspires to become a grand slam.

As I am at it I will create a new category called “Incompetent Chinese Websites”. After a year I will check them again and evaluate if they have improved.

Let’s go one step further, let’s benchmark China’s development with the state of the English sections of their “International” websites

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3 Responses to “A Mission | Incompetent Chinese Websites”

  1. Alph205
    September 9th, 2005 06:22

    It’s sure there is a lot to do in China, but things are getting bigger…

  2. merry
    September 9th, 2005 06:42

    china is really devloping.

  3. gabyu
    September 15th, 2005 03:07

    there’s a real challenge to develop clearer websites. It is still very dizzy, wish i could work on it :D

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