Media Regulations | Murdoch’s Brick Wall

Not so long ago regulations for allowing foreign investment in Chinese media companies were curbed. Basically reversing one year old Chinese regulations that opened up this market a bit.

One of the bigger foreign media players, Newscorp, has already some ventures in China. They have a license to operate in Southern China’s Guangdong province and in exclusive mainland hotels. All still small stuff but at least they are in.

The new regulations seem to have frustated the owner of Newscorp, mr. Murdoch, a bit as he been heard saying the Chinese authorities “were quite paranoid about what gets through.”

The thing is that he lashed out in 1993 as well which probably forced him to do a lot of buttering up. Now he may get his grease in line as these things won’t go unnoticed.

The media in China, whether it is newspapers, the internet, tv or for that matter anything that can carry a message is all state organized and controlled. Investing in it or creating the option is a long term strategy which will need a lot of patience, good will, timing, sensitivity and on forehand accepting you may loose out big time.

Lashing out may add up some extra years for the Murdoch empire before their toe-hold becomes a foot-hold.

source: Murdoch hits ‘brick wall’ in China, calls Beijing ‘paranoid’

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