China | Random Chinese Food Thoughts

Random thoughts on eating in China for more than 3 years now.

The Xinjiang restaurant in Shanghai offers sheep balls. Great food although no by effects

This spring snake was on the menu in Yangshuo. It was hunted when we ordered, showed to us alive and for the photo-op we held it for a while. The drink was its blood mixed with alcohol and tasted like shit. The meat was not that special.

3 years ago I ate my first and last hot dog. A baguette, some salad, some dog froms the stalls in the street, some musterd. It tastes like beef so I stick to that.

2 years ago we tried turtle soup. The reptile was floating in a soup bowl and looked with sad dead eyes into mine. No more turtle since then.

In Kunming tripe was a favourite of many. It tasted nice but looked dodgy. Next to that I didn’t know what the word tripe meant. Now I know and still like it.

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One Response to “China | Random Chinese Food Thoughts”

  1. Gordon
    September 23rd, 2005 10:01

    There is definitely no shortage of exotic food in China. In fact, I recently posted an article referencing the fidings of a study that linked SARS to Bats and the Chinese taste for eating them and using their feces in traditional medicine.

    Anyway, I tried a dish of dog meat in Chengdu back in March of 04. It wasn’t bad, but somehow the thought of what I was eating made it a tad bit difficult to eat. Had to try it though.

    On a trip to Benxi I ate a dish that consisted of small fish swiming in a bowl. They were dipped into alochol and then into a sauce before being eaten. A truly ineteresting dish to say the least.

    In Chengdu I also had the unfortunate and unintended experience of eating barbequed rat meat.

    hmm..I’ll have to give a little more though to this list.

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