Kunming | Overview of the Best Places

Back now in Shanghai for a couple of days but still intended to give an overview of the best places in Kunming concerning Food & Drinks and Miscll. It’s vey subjective (some info based on the experiences of Kunming long stayers ) so feel free to contact me if you disagree:)
All locations are inbetween the Green lake park and Yunnan University (Yunda)

Kunming | Western Food

Salvador’s Coffee House

    The best coffee & great bagels. Also the most expensive in it’s range but when you live in Shanghai everything is cheap here.

    Address: Wen Lin Jie, #76 Wen Hua Xiang

Chapter One

    If you intend to get drunk early this is the best place to start. From 09:30 till 18:30 you pay 5 kuai for a Gin Tonic. Great hamburgers although breakfast is not that tempting I have been told. Hanburgers will do just fine though. Their wireless internet is very convenient and they have the biggest collection of books youo can rent, buy or swap.

    Address: #149 Wen Lin Jie

French Cafe

    One of the golden oldie’s in Kunming. Nice place for baquette and mingle with the French crowd. I know, other laowai also visit this place but as the French have a strong tendency of sticking together you’ll find them there. Avoid the coffee though as this is the one thing that is definitaly not French.

    Address: #44 Wen Lin Jie

Bangkok Cafe

    Absolutely the best & chepaest Thai food in town. Forget any other place in China that has advertised with Thai food. There is only one. Simple food yes, but delicious. Reason enough to fly to Kunming

    Address: Wen Lin Jie, Wen Hua Xiang

The New Box (formerly The Box)

    It used to be managed by an Italian/Chinese combi and now the keys have been handed to Lily and an English bloke. Nice terrace and good place to hang out with a beer watching all the activities in the street.

    Address: #69 Wenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang

Coffee Bar (Forget their real name)

    Next to the Bangkok Cafe this small place serves the cheapest espresso in town.
    3 kuai for the paper cup.

    Address: Wen Lin Jie, Wen Hua Xiang

Cannes - Spanish restaurant

    A personal favorite that serves good Spanish food, has great wines and is the perfect place to entertain your loved one. Prices are higher than the the aforementioned places but it’s still a bargain. Eating with 5 people including 2 bottles of Spanish wine adds up to only 400 Kuai.

    Address: Cui Hu Bei Lu

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7 Responses to “Kunming | Overview of the Best Places”

  1. alfu
    October 9th, 2005 13:50

    Shanghai wait for me

  2. yummy
    October 18th, 2005 04:39

    China’s best Italian food @ Red Star HongXing

    Btw have you been to the “fast forward” party on the 6th???

  3. Fred and Ing
    January 31st, 2006 21:59


    Thanks for the pointers. The 5 RMB Gin n Tonic sounds like a good advice at 9:44 AM after a 12 hour strech from Lijiang (well, I we are not that lihai, so it will have to be the Thai place instead).

    Love from 2 rui dian tourists

    / Fred and Ing

  4. Administrator
    February 1st, 2006 00:34

    Hi Fred and Ing,

    Your welcome. Have a good time in beautiful Yunnan.


  5. Supermarkets in China | My Favorites | Shanghai China Snippets
    May 19th, 2007 12:06

    They have been the most aggressively expanding foreign supermarket in China. Doing it the French way they even expanded when it was not officially allowed. Making a deal with local governments does wonders here, as they like investment, jobs and some tea money. The selection is good and service not bad. Strange thing in Kunming was that you were not allowed to take your bag inside. Only your purse was allowed. …

  6. Reinhard
    August 1st, 2009 12:49

    The food in Bangkok Café is indeed not bad and not expensive (although not really cheap for Kunming), but it’s definitely not Thai (ok, something not too far from).The staff doesn’t speak or understand any word of Thai, and I doubt the chief has ever been to Thailand or even eaten real Thai food. When I dared to order spicy papaya salad (was on the menue) they suggestes to make it from carrots instead of the missing papaya. That says all. Besides, the guests are mostly young Chinese, and maybe they wouldn’t like it, if the food was real Thai.

  7. Kunming | Overview of the Best Places
    July 6th, 2021 05:07

    Proxies Reseller…

    Back now in Shanghai for a couple of days but still intended to give an overview of the best places in Kunming concerning Food …

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