Mao in Dutch Big Brother House

It’s amazing where you can run into Mao’s picture these days. It even found its way into the Dutch Big Brother Show. For those of you who haven’t heard of one of the best selling Dutch quality export TV formats ever, picture this.

You put 12 strangers in a House that has been inundated with camera’s to spot each and every fart. The contestants are observed by the rest of the Dutch population like animals in the zoo.

Each week one of the inhabitants has to leave the house. Three contestants are selected and the TV audience decides by voting (by sms and phone) which poor soul has to go back in anonimity.
Mao T-shirt
To get into the house contenstants have to go through a strenuous selection process to make sure they will be nice fodder for TV and have an IQ that resonates well with the average IQ of the audience. At times it’s great tv, most of the time it’s as boring as life itself.

Last weekend there was a nice shot of Dido, a girl that likes fashionable clothes. Her shirt had a picture of Mao on it which made one of the above audience IQ contestants question her choice. “Don’t you know who Mao is”, he asked. “How am I supposed to know who Mao is” she retorted. “I don’t even know the guy”.

After some explanation she vanished into her bedroom and changed her shirt.

Probably this one scene, seen by more than one million viewers, will have improved historical awareness more than any history lesson in school ever could have achieved. Thank god for TV.

More on Mao - Answers
Big Brother - In case you want to apply for the US version

Tip: As Wikipedia is still blocked, is a nice backup source.

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