Bird Flu Medicine | Find Them China’s Online Auction Sites

As the Bird Flu is still in it’s developing rural phase “smart” business men have found a new niche, Tonics, disinfectants, oils, masks and even down clothing are sold on online auctions like and promise prevention of the spread of the disease.

A seller from Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province, was selling various masks for 5 yuan (62 US cents) each. The seller said the “anti-virus masks” could effectively prevent SARS, bird flu and other diseases spread in the air.

A seller from Shandong Province promoted star anise essential oil that he claimed was produced in France and could protect people from the bird flu. The seller claims star anise is a key ingredient in Tamiflu. The oil was selling for 69 yuan for a 10-milliliter bottle yesterday.

Reminds me of the the many Westerns I watched on TV where opportunistic doctors/business men sold their cure-for-alls from a wagon.

As far I have been told only Tamiflu “might” help in treating. Pretty much unavailable right now as all governments are buying it up.

Source: Shanghai Daily - Sellers claim ..

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3 Responses to “Bird Flu Medicine | Find Them China’s Online Auction Sites”

  1. Lonnie
    November 16th, 2005 06:15

    Tamilflu is extracted from an herb originating in China. It is hard to get. Roche is distributing it in China. It is still relatively available, but supplies will not last and it will get pricey.
    I paid 1000 RMB for a package (one course) from an expat’ med’ service. The REAL snake oil salesmen in China. The drug is real, but expensive.
    There are warnings out, based on anecdotal evidence, that Tamiflu can cause psychological disturbances. Two people in Japan are reported to have committed suicide after taking the drug. This is not preposterous as my experience in the past (I ran a hospital) showed anti-flu drug Symmetrel to be effective in treating cocaine addicts because it affects dopamine stores in the brain. It is also used with Parkinson’s patients.
    I rarely buy into hype, but I think my well being is worth an investment of 1000 RMB. Sadly, a lot of folks will not be able to afford this.

  2. sara yang
    December 13th, 2005 06:29

    I would like to know from where i can get medicine “Tamilflu “in China Mainland .I need to buy some .thank you .

  3. Administrator
    December 24th, 2005 12:04

    I would like to know too but I haven’t found any place yet where they sell tamiflu.

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