Shanghai Daily Price Hike

Shanghai DailyThe local village voice, aka Shanghai Daily, has decided their content is worth 100% more. I am not sure which marketing research has been performed to justify this.

Probably the “more-is-more” approach and for foreigners the difference between one and two is non existing. It’s still the same articles though, with sweet front page articles about bad Americans pleading guilty for selling Chinese ripped and manufactures dvd’s.

They also offer a nifty subscription model where you can prepay 600 kuai and have it delivered. Nifty here means that is the only thing you get out of it is delivery for the same price.

Would it be a Chinese language newspaper you would get a better price per issue plus some real gifts. The Shanghai Daily will give you vouchers worth 600 Rmb. They don’t mention what kind of vouchers. And almost forgot, if you pay an extra 50 Rmb you get complete access to their online edition.

Isn’t that great, you become a subscriber, a loyal customer and you can pay more to have that kind of service.

I only buy the paper now and then for the local tidbits. Having it delivered would mean I still have to take the elevator downstairs to empty the mailbox so the extra 20 metres to the paper kiosk will be easy to manage. So I am sorry, no subscription for me.


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