Taxi Economics | Shanghai Pudong Airport

While the clash of civilizations is continuing I went to the Bus station near the Jing An Temple.

I used to take taxis to the Shanghai Pudong Airport or the Maglev but the Airport Bus No. 2 is the most convenient and a lot cheaper as well. A taxi costs about 150 Kuai, a one-way bus trip 19 Rmb.

There was still some time left before the bus would depart so I smoked a cigarette. Two guys standing next to the bus starting to chat and tried to convince me to take a taxi. A taxi that was parked next to the Airport bus.

I friendly declined their offer, explained that the difference between 150 Rmb and 19 Rmb is significant so they gave up. It was only now that I realized that one of the 2 guys was actually the bus driver. Mmmm, a bus driver wanted me to take a taxi while the bus would go anyway.

A girl arrived and the guys started to tout their services and at first it seemed she would decline too. I finished my cigarette and just as I was about to get on the bus, when a third probable passenger arrived.

Some talk and suddenly we were all directed to the taxi by the bus driver, three strangers destined to share a cab for 20 Kuai each to Pudong Airport. One kuai more than the bus fare.

I guess the bus driver preferred driving an empty bus and get some kickback from the taxi driver.

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