Internet Police China | A Boring Job

A nice piece on the infamous censors of the Chinese internet, found and translated by Zonaeuropa.

The job description of a chinese internet police woman can be summed up like this:

The principal work of the (China) Internet police is to look around the Internet to catch criminals. They monitor the Internet bars (to check whether there ar no underaged users), they look for pornographic, reactionary and other harmful material on the Internet and they solve Internet crimes based upon the clues (This last one gives confidence.. .)

It ain’t as thrilling as the reporter expected.

The reporter kept hoping to find some problems during the work. In the end, the reporter felt that the letters on the computer monitor screen were dancing in the eyes and could not be seen clearly. Still, no problems had been found. Ma Xiaoting told the reporter that the Internet police search for harmful information at least four hours a day. She comforted the reporter: “Usually, we don’t find anything all day. If we find problems every day, then the crime level on the Internet is too much.”

They hardly find anything.. they are still in a learning curve I guess and let’s hope they stay there until the next century.

For the whole story: Zonaeuropa

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5 Responses to “Internet Police China | A Boring Job”

  1. phil
    February 4th, 2007 04:56

    that’s just too funny … is it funny? i recieve about daily spam for fake sneakers, shady “reply asap” emails, and don’t use msn messenger anymore cause i just get too much spam there as well …

    it shows that they are only after stuff like the falun sect, scams that don’t involve making money (and the option to get a share in form of bribes) or critical political stuff .

    the internet police is one big joke!

  2. Rafael Nascimento
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