Pedagogy Shanghai Style | Rename Your Kid

Chinese schoolDo you have a kid that is under performing at school, or he/she always gets into fights in the schoolyard?

Here is a Chinese solution. Just change his/her name.

A new semester has just started for elementary and middle school students in Shanghai, and as always a number of parents are registering to change their children’s names in the hope of changing their temper, bringing good luck, or improving grades.

A better name might even serve as a medicine against addiction.

Some parents say they hope a new name will help their children drop bad habits, like addiction to the Internet.

Changing a name is not something you just do by picking up “The sweet boys and girls names” book. You go to a “name-giving master” or a naming agency.

A naming agency …. said its professionals analyze the defects of a person’s original name, and suggest a new one based on the person’s birthday and other fortune-telling skills.

A new name costs between 800 yuan (US$99) and 10,000 yuan. No guarantees of course and definitely an even more confused child.

Source: Shanghai Gazette

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