Mr. & Mrs. Right For Hire

A female friend once said that she doesn’t want to get married yet (she’s living together) as the pressure on becoming pregnant right away after the big day would be too big.

Chinese parents, especially the older generation, want their children to be secure. Relationships (boy/girl of course), marriage and a baby are the key for this, that’s at least what they think.

Imagine you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend in China. That means your parents get a lot of questions from their friend/relatives/neighbours why Ling or Wang isn’t involved yet. Even gossip may start to spread and there is Face to be lost. Is there something wrong?

Resourceful as always some young busy white-collar workers now hire temporary boyfriends and girlfriends.

One of them is Kelly and besides faking a relationship, her hired better half has to fulfil a lot of requirements to make this charade stick.

She even created a contract, listing altogether 15 requirements for her temporary beau.

Some of these help you understand why sweet anal Kelly will have to keep on hiring boyfriends.

He should look at Kelly deeply from time to time when in front of her parents and friends.

He should take her hand whenever they go out with Kelly’s parents.

The “boyfriend” is allowed to touch her by the shoulder only in front of her parents and for no more than 5 seconds.

They should keep a distance of at least 0.8 meter when out of the sight of Kelly’s parents.

Source: SH Gazette

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