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Shanghai Cruises ElizabethLast Friday the oldest, still sailing cruise ship arrived in Shanghai. For an aspiring international city as Shanghai that should be kind of an event. The Shanghai Morning Daily even published about it on its Saturday front page.

Friday morning we got up early to meet my uncle and aunt from the ship. The week before we had done the research about where the ship would dock, went to the place all the port officials told us to go, had a look around, saw an old custom house, had it once again confirmed and felt confident we were in the know.

We saw nothing at that place on Friday morning. We called, asked around, were on the phone with more people of the port authority and finally got to speak to a person who was rather upset that so many people were calling him about the actual docking place. Luckily he knew.

Back in the car we continued our journey into the far away Shanghai hinterlands.

After an hour driving we found ourselves in the remotest container harbor possible and saw the ship from a distance, a far distance.

We were not allowed to enter the premises, police was abundant as it were a state visit and we waited in vain for some time.

Tour Buses with patrol cars leading the way passed by, but no uncle and aunt in sight. The next best thing we could do was go home.

Luckily we were able to meet up on Saturday as a fax we sent to the ship on Friday was delivered to their cabin Saturday morning.

We had a lovely day after all, ate Xinjiang food, visited the propaganda poster museum and the Jade Buddha.

Most cities would love to parade with the fact that they have these kind of cruises visiting. In Shanghai they flaunt it in the newspaper but deem the ship worth the same as a container.

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