An Euro Collector

red umbrella
Hello, I am an English teacher, How are you?

It’s 15:00 and I just finished my hamburger in Rendez Vous. It’s freaking hot and we’re waiting for a taxi on Nanjing Xi Lu/Tongren Lu.

I am fine, thank you, while keeping my eyes focuses on available taxis.

Where are you from?

Slovakia (I intended to say Mars but I decided to behave a bit more and just name a different country)

Ahhh, so nice, It’s part of the European Union, right?

Yes, it is.

Oh, how interesting.

He holds a red umbrella to shield him from the sun and maybe use it to poke it in my eyes later.

Do they use Euro’s?

Today yes, yesterday No. (I am sure by now he must have figured out I am not in a talking mood.)

Taxi’s are still passing by, loaded with the lucky ones enjoying the airco.

Do you know, I collect Euro’s?

(Really I think by myself, what a coincidence.}

Do you have any?

No, and do you mind, I am trying to get a taxi.

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