Open Windows Closed Windows

Excerpts from an interview with China’s top Internet cop, Mr. Li Wufeng.

We don’t censor, we don’t know how

“We have neither the technology nor the manpower to censor or filter the Internet”, Li told us. “We have just dozens of people in the Internet affairs bureau. Half of them are here today [in the room],” he added.

But sometimes we close the window.

“We have our own choice of the Internet content” within China, he said. “If someone is shouting bad things about me from outside my window, I have the right to close that window.”

You guess the reality.

Source: Foreign Policy

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2 Responses to “Open Windows Closed Windows”

  1. Micah
    September 20th, 2006 23:04

    That’s because Chinese people are all the same, homogeneous. There is no independent thought in China, or rather, evey single person has the exactly the same independent thoughts, so that what is good for one person is good for everybody and vice versa.

    I’m so tired of answering questions from Chinese people about 你们. Please address me as an individual! There is variation in people outside (and within, believe it or not) their borders, but Chinese people just don’t understand that.

  2. Shanghai
    September 21st, 2006 03:45

    Not yet, but in some way it seems the younger generation is more individual than their parents.

    Wow, it seems I’m having a good China day:)

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