Man Bites Panda Bites Back

In the category, almost Friday, another Panda story.

panda bites back

Here’s the summary

Drunken immigrant worker (note that as always a distinction is made between city slickers and those beyond the urban border) Zhang visits Beijing Zoo, jumps into the panda enclosure, hugs the panda and gets bitten.

Nothing weird about that, invading on the Panda privacy should come with some repercussion.

Immigrant Zhang gets upset and, yes, he kicks the panda and even bites back. A bit weirder but ok, he was drunk.

Zhang is now in the hospital and clarifies his actions by saying: “I had seen pandas on television and they seemed to get along well with people. No one ever said they would bite people”. He must have been watching Chinese TV, oh wait, there are no other channels anyway.

And here comes the kicker. The Beijing Zoo was asked for a reaction and a representative said that luckily Panda Gu Gu is “healthy.”

She also added, “We’re not considering punishing him now, He’s suffered quite a bit of shock.”

If Panda Gu Gu will be punished, I suggest the following defense line.

I have seen people on TV, mostly the news and they never seem to get along well. No one ever said they would stroke Pandas

Source: AP
Picture dates back to an article about panda insemination.

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