Aegean Greek Restaurant Shanghai

On Changele Lu you find a lovely hidden garden with tables around it and you can also eat Greek food here. Aegean was recently opened, and is probably the only Greek restaurant in Shanghai. We were in the neighborhood and gave it a try.


Tzatziki - 30 Rmb

greek plate The traditional Greek drained plain yogurt sauce that has to be right in a Greek restaurant. Luckily it was and there were complimentary pita pieces and 3 small rolls. Why 3 when you are with 2 is probably a Greek riddle.

Calamari, with lemon and shellfish sauce (if I tasted it correctly) - 55 Rmb

Not bad, crispy and a slight reminiscence of Crete (the part of the Island without bars) which is a good thing.

Greek Salad - 50 Rmb

The salad was ok, it had the feta, the olives (a couple), the tomato and pieces of green.

Kokoras Krassatos - 75 Rmb

We didn’t eat this before so it was a blind order. It’s thick pasta with what I belief chicken. A generous serving, pasta doesn’t cost too much, and tasteful although a bit bland.

Souvlaki with Pita Bread - 72 Rmb

3 stingy pieces of pork and chicken with a lost onion ring in between. That was the Souvlaki. I knew it would be pork and not lamb as it should, I didn’t know they would save on the green pepper.


Soave Villa Cornaro Veneto, white - 180

Very nice dry wine. Pricey but worth it.


Honestly. Well, here we go. If I eat jiaozi in a hole in the wall joint, I understand I shouldn’t expect service. If I pay almost 500 Rmb it would be nice if the wine cooler would come with the wine. The male waiter couldn’t pretend to like his job and we had to wall our plates as he preferred to take them away half full. On top of that he had little trust in our solvability. He counted the 100 rmb notes in front of us. The waitress had a smile so keep her and fire the bloke on the spot.

toilets AegeanToilets

Is there a correlation between the cleanliness of the toilets and the quality of the food?

That would go much too far in this case but I must admit that I wasn’t impressed with the state of the toilets.

They were a little dirty and smelly actually. Easy to fix but often neglected.

Flowers Aegean restaurantEnvironment

Very nice. A lovely hidden garden with plenty of tables on the terrace. Also the many flowers give it an authentic feel. The typical colors blue and white are everywhere so on that part there has been a finishing touch.


The food was below expectation, the setting was excellent and the service was tragic.

Train the waiters, clean the toilets (use some lavender for the smell), upgrade the food and start offering some free Tzatziki. That would make the whole experience fit the location better.

Totally Spent

Time: 2.5 hrs
Money: 462 Rmb

Aegean Greek Restaurant
333 Changle Lu / close to Shaanxi Lu
(behind Secret Garden restaurant)
Tel: +86–21-5403-1850/13601668257
Daily: 10am-11pm

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Disclaimer: All opinions are biased, based on non-existent food knowledge and influenced by the mood of the moment.

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One Response to “Aegean Greek Restaurant Shanghai”

  1. David
    April 14th, 2007 07:42

    Aegean Restaurant Review-
    I just took my lady there for her birthday. We love Greek food, and have been to Greek restaurants in Australia and the USA. I personally have grown up on Greek food. This was our first experience of Greek, Chinese style.
    The decor is pleasant and very easy on the eyes. If the food tasted as good as the restaurant looked, there would be packed tables. Being there on a Friday night with the place maybe 25% full should have been telling enough…
    Most of the food we were served we could have bought at Carrefour. It was obviously served straight out of a container. The mousaka that wasn’t store bought was cold, soft and actually smelly!
    The service tasted as bad as the food. Please find wait staff that actually smile and care about customers. “Here are your mushrooms. Here are your vegetables,” is was the waitress said to us as she plopped the plates down as fast as she could. (Given that there were almost 2:1 guests to servers, they didn’t appear to be slammed for time!) When we asked if we get bread with our meal, they told us yes, but didn’t give it to us until we actually ASKED for it. Then they gave us two very small, and slightly stale rolls. Thanks!
    We spent 300 RMB for the meal, and left never intending to go back. Greek in China…maybe in another 5 years…

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