Etiquette in the Shanghai Subway Escalators

More than 2.500.000 commuters take the Shanghai subway daily.

shanghai subway escalatorI take it occasionally and when I do, only when I’m a first arrival at the escalator I put my feet on it. If the sqeezing and pushing has started I take the stairs. The Shanghai subway operators feel they should improve the etiquette on escalators.

They said people in many foreign countries commonly stand on the right side of an escalator so people who are in a hurry can pass on the left, a rule that is all but ignored in the city.

Metro authorities are promoting the idea at 31 busy stations in the city, including the People’s Square and Zhongshan Park stations.

“We painted a yellow line on escalators in some of these Metro stations, expecting that riders would be reminded of this courtesy rule,” said a female official surnamed Tu from Shanghai Metro Operation Co Ltd.

If only they would enforce this etiquette on getting on and off the subway, you may wonder.

Well, they say that part is getting better.

“..the company says a growing number of passengers are acting politely and patiently when getting on and off Metro trains,[but] their efforts in promoting the escalator-riding courtesy have proven fruitless so far.

I don’t know how they measure this. Probably when I’m not around as it still takes some rough pushing to get out of a subway. Let’s check it again in another year.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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