Plaza 66 Shanghai Pick Up Spot

In Shanghai there are several landmarks and one of them is the ultra luxurious Plaza 66. It’s a high end shopping mall with an office tower attached. It’s great place, you can walk there in Summer to enjoy the airco and in Winter to get some warmth. Nobody seems to buy anything as all the Gucci, Cartier and several brand shops I never heard of before I came to Shanghai, consist of some bored shop assistants looking through their windows. It’s upscale at it’s best and part of the Shanghai show for the outside world.

I recently walked in and then out to do some shopping in a more affordable place when from the corner of my eye I saw a pretty woman waiting near the exit. There are always touts around that try to convince me that I need fake rolexes or try to hand me a card with the promise of some relaxation. I brush them off with the first words a newcomer should learn, Bu Yao (I don’t want).

working girl shanghaiShe was not there to sell rolexes though, she tried to get eye contact and I knew what was coming. “You want massage”.

I declined but it struck me that if the massage ladies are now posting these days at plaza 66 either their numbers are increasing and business is scarce or maybe it’s a just a good spot to pick up clients.

Plaza 66 or soon Plaza 69 (I know it’s lame but couldn’t stop writing)

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One Response to “Plaza 66 Shanghai Pick Up Spot”

  1. One Good Eye » Blog Archive » Large Lumbering Western Giant Goes Shopping for Clothes
    February 18th, 2008 10:57

    So cashed up and eager to obtain a new “bag of fruit” I hit the ultra premium Plaza 66. …

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