China Travel Statistics

The number of Chinese going abroad pales compared to the numbers of tourists visiting China but that will increase in the future as more and more Chinese will have the money and the interest to have a look beyond the border.

Some China Travel statistics

  • Visitors to China in 2005 - 120.3 million
  • Chinese citizens who traveled abroad in 2005 - 31 million
  • Year in which China is predicted to become the world’s number one tourist destination - 2020
  • Permitted overseas destinations for Chinese citizens - 117
  • Revenues from travel industry in 2005 in China - 528.6 billion Rmb
  • Number of visitors to Shanghai in 2005 - 5.7 million.

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4 Responses to “China Travel Statistics”

  1. Ch.Zh
    December 17th, 2006 23:24

    I do crave to travel to North Europe…But, no money…

  2. Shanghai
    December 18th, 2006 10:51

    I hope one day you will have saved enough to go on a trip there. It’s kind of a nice old continent.

  3. Dave
    September 19th, 2007 16:20

    It would be nice to do some traveling… but I guess we’re all staying in Shanghai until the storm passes.

  4. China Tour
    February 12th, 2010 07:19

    Well, this statistic clearly shows that China is indeed one of the most visited destinations in the world. I think Chinese people should stop moaning and feel proud about it.

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