8 Things I Wish I Had Missed During The China Internet Blackout

Positive solutions did a post on the things he missed when the Internet in China went back to the dark ages. A nice angle and I will blatantly copy his idea and spin it into telling you what I wish I had missed in this period.

1. Staring at my browser for ages hoping that the other half of the page will make it through

2. Being punished daily by having to read the China Daily and the Shanghai Daily as my sole information source. This gave me also the insight what it must be like to be condemned to only Chinese language mainland websites.

3. Clicking a banner on the People’s Daily about the 100-days campaign against piracy and finding out it ended in October 2006. I wondered what happened on day 101

4. Reading the relationship section of the Shanghai Expat forum out of utter boredom and for the entertainment value of course.

5. Re-organizing my files on the computer until even the last byte was put in the right place

6. Watching the 3d season of Desperate Housewives, probably released in China on aformentioned day 101. Well, actually that was kind of fun.

7. Watching CCTV 9 and being bombared with an item on burning European made shoes that didn’t pass the quality control. I chekced on the available China Daily website they burned a whoopie 200 pairs. Something to do with the 16.5 per cent anti-dumping tariff on Chinese manufactured leather shoes the European Union has imposed maybe…

8. Having to explain to people abroad that China may be an emerging power but that doesn’t mean the concept of back up cables has made inroads here yet

There you have it, the lucky 8 things I wish I had missed and now go on and read the 10 things Positive Solutions missed.

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3 Responses to “8 Things I Wish I Had Missed During The China Internet Blackout”

  1. ExpatLady
    January 4th, 2007 10:31

    I’m surprised I didn’t miss the internet too much. I did try to access my emails initially, but when I found the access too slow, I gave up totally. Probably coz it was the festive season and I was kept company by my hubby and kids who were having their holidays, I couldn’t be too bothered with what’s happening online.

    Anyway, the WWW seems to be back in full performance now. :)

    On second thought, I’m wishing there will be uninterrupted telcommunication. Otherwise, I’ll be worried dead if I couldn’t reach my family and friends via phone.

  2. Shanghai
    January 5th, 2007 01:00

    Well, I missed it quite a lot, as I spend a considerable time each day on it. In that sense it may have been a “healthy” break:)

    I second your “uninterrupted telcommunication” wish.

    Internet is still slow though and the news is it will take longer than initially said, 2 more weeks..

  3. Anonymous
    January 13th, 2007 01:39

    8 Things I Wish I Had Missed During The China Internet Blackout…

    Blackout rants……

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