Dell Sells In English, Service in Chinese

A reader commented on one my articles about Dell and their service and likes to know how to get some.

In general their service is pretty ok, especially if you speak Chinese. Dell’s Chinese operations offers a website in Chinese and English. Ordering something through the English interface is therefore fairly easy. The challenge comes once you have a question and you try to contact them.

You can call from within China the free number 800-858-0888

You’ll hear Chinese and unfortunately they won’t make live easy for you if you like to hear some English.

Your best bet is calling the number and push 2 after which you get a operator who hopefully speaks English and help you further.

I called them whether they have a direct number/extension to get English service and they haven’t. It puzzles me a bit that they let you buy in English and then expect you to understand a Chinese interactive voice menu. Like I said, push 2 and take it from there.

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