Hosting Blog on Own Domain is Now Illegal

The Ya,I Yee blog has posted a hilarious though slightly sad conversation between a Chinese blogger and a staff member of the Shanghai Communication Administration.

The Chinese blogger has his blog on its own domain on a Shanghai server and the latest campaign is to close these down as apparently a blog is considered the same as a BBS/forum and chat website which have to comply with specific regulations and need approval before opening up.

A quote:

The operator : ” Our work is to conduct special certification, how can you individuals provide blog services?! Your blog has been shut down simply because you did not get a special certification before.”

Zousuper : “My blog is personal blog, not forum or BSP, not open for register, only myself can publish articles…”

The operator : ” That’s not allowed! blogs and forum are the same, any blogs, forums, BBS, Chat are required to be examined by us, no one should open without our approve.”

Go on and read the rest of this conversation which shows the advanced scientific internet understanding of the regulator.

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3 Responses to “Hosting Blog on Own Domain is Now Illegal”

  1. 硬盘数据恢复
    July 20th, 2007 04:06

    My blog is personal blog, not forum or BSP, not open for register, only myself can publish articles…”
    good ah。。

  2. Micah Sittig
    July 20th, 2007 23:36

    “Hosting Blog on Own Domain is Now Illegal”

    This post’s title is incomplete and misleading. Hosting a blog on your own domain is illegal if you don’t register it.

  3. Shanghai
    July 21st, 2007 00:32

    True till a certain extent. Yes, it gets legal if you get approval. The thing that was pointed out in the original post was that the blogger wouldn’t get approval anyhow:

    I quote:

    Zousuper:”If I register at your department, my blog can return to normal at once, right?”

    The operator : ” Not, it’s now on the process of ’special renovation’, our examine and approve work does not start yet, and according to your situation your blog will definitely not be approved. You are the person in charge of your blog, but you cant monitor the comments all the 24 hours.” ( Who can? )

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