Taxi Drivers in Shanghai - Stay Awake and Don’t Eat

Imagine being a cabbie in Shanghai. You make long days, one day on, one day off and your salary has decreased over the last 10 years.

You also just survived the “spit sack” campaign that was intended to urge you to leave your phlegm in there instead of the street.

And now you’re ordered to stop yawning and eating snacks while on the job. Someone in the local government must have some beef with you it seems.

Luckily it’s not yet clear what the penalties will be, even less clear is how this will be enforced. I couldn’t find yet what is understood to be yawning in this case. Is it opening your mouth, do you have to stretch your arms as well to be culpable?

Honestly, I’d appreciate it more if there were enforced regulations to make them stop when pedestrians cross the street.

Source: Shanghai cabbies yawn

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2 Responses to “Taxi Drivers in Shanghai - Stay Awake and Don’t Eat”

  1. Hotpoter
    August 24th, 2007 10:20

    When the taxi driver’s lower lip is 4 or more centimeters away from the upper lip, it is counted as a yawn! If the taxi driver has bad breath, well… the punishment is much more severe.

  2. Té la mà Maria
    August 26th, 2007 17:09

    very good blog congratulations
    regard from Catalonia Spain

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