A Morning in Shanghai

6:00 Woken up by the sounds of a building that is being molested. The roof tiles are falling on the pavement. I peek outside of the window. Construction workers are having a great time acting as the localized alarm clock.

6:05 Put in earplugs and fall asleep

8:00 Get up, look outside and notice that construction workers have left. Probably sick of those harmonious sounds as well.

8:13 Walk to the bakery. Try to use the zebra crossing but bicycle morons have decided that the white stripes are the preferred location for parking their wheels. Give one cycle a friendly nudge to make him move forward, past the zebra crossing. Get a dumbfounded look.

8:24 Stand in convenience store to get water. Young white collar worker also wants to buy something and stands on my toes. He doesn’t notice it until I push him back. Get a sheepish look.

8:30 Back home, the day can start.

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One Response to “A Morning in Shanghai”

  1. The Boston Bachelor
    September 10th, 2007 15:00

    Enjoy your insights into China; I recently posted an article on my site a friend of mine wrote on living and working in China. You might appreciate it: http://www.thebostonbachelor.com/2007/09/09/accounts-of-an-american-in-china-the-knife-and-the-heart/

    The Boston Bachelor

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