China Driving and Stats

I only drove once in China, and that was already a long time ago. It was on a toll way between Kunming and Dali, it was dark and the only occasional traffic we noticed were trucks.

Well, if you noticed them at all as they all had broken rear lights. I scolded these drivers while avoiding near crashes but I was wrong.

It’s not their fault if they are unaware of it according to Chinese law. (source the unlinkable Shanghai Daily)

You don’t see your own rear lights while you drive. As such it’s rather hard to proof that a driver is aware of a broken rear light not much will change regarding trucks and road safety I’m afraid.

The fact that by definition 70% of them have non working rear lights must be a coincidence.

Drive safely.

Some Traffic Stats from China

  • Annual Investment in China’s national Expressway network 150,000,000,000
  • Total lenght of mainland China’s expressway at the end of 2006 45,400 km
  • Increase in expressways between 2001-2005 24,700 km
  • Totall planned lenght of expressway network by 2050 175,000 km
  • Expected year China will overtake US in kilometers of expressways - 2020
  • Number of individual car owners in China in 2006 - 11,49 million
  • Number of automobiles in USA in 2003 - 226 million
  • News cars per week in Beijing 2007 - 1000

Source: SH weekly

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2 Responses to “China Driving and Stats”

  1. Des
    September 20th, 2007 11:39

    Hey hey, take the China Drivers Exam….do you have what it takes to drive here :)

  2. Sherry
    May 16th, 2009 17:47

    Ha, seems u got a terrible trip at that time. However, it is totally different now. I’ve been there three years ago. The lights along road were good. In addition, I was much enjoyable with the food in Dali.

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