The DVD-Alternative China TV Guide

Autumn is coming and you need some entertainment. You have seen all the dvd’s they sell on the corner, including the ones that halfway change into being dubbed in Russian. The local channels aren’t really an option unless you want to see for the umpteenth time another historical drama and the very national CCTV 9 is too boring to be even considered. And yes, even Youtube is less fun.

That was kind of the situation I got myself into and roaming the Internet I found several websites that consider intellectual property rights something from the last century and make it very convenient to watch golden oldies as well as the latest movies.

I present the DVD-Alternative China TV Guide

TVU Networks Live TV

TV Network
When was the last time you saw David Letterman live and enjoyed commercials you can actually understand (hattip - Opposite End of China).

You can find CBS, Bloomberg, ABC News and many more. And not to forget God TV is included in the package.

Check out TVU Networks Live TV

TV Links

TV Links
A good place to relive good old times with the Muppet Show or hot and steamy Melrose Place. See the whole list of shows. It includes links to elsewhere hosted documentaries, cartoons, anime and movies. Most shows have a good good quality.

Tip: If the video doesn’t start right away, just click the episode again and after a few tries it will definitely work. I not you can alert TV Links:)

Check out TV Links



A new Web 2.0 version that has socialized the experience by letting users request their favorite video.

Check out VideoHybrid


Stage 6
Has TV Shows as well as rather funny spoofs. For instance a modernized version of the little mermaid as well as an outstanding lesson for your English corner

Check out Stage 6

OV Guide

Also known as the Online Video Guide it gives you direct links to a zillion websites hosting or linking themselves to good quality video.

Check out the OV Guide


11 seasons of South Park

and for some anime, check out IDKWTF

If you know of any websites that should be listed here, please add them in the comments.

Additional info:

Sometimes you need to wait a little till all is loaded (Chinese ADSL is in general slow) but it’s all there as long as you have an internet connection.

Be aware that you may be prompted to download the divx player (or the DivX Web Player ActiveX Control) in case you haven’t installed it yet on your system. You can download it here

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