Civic-consciousness Lessons on Shanghai TV

We’re having dinner at a friend’s place. As seems to be a Chinese must the TV is playing it’s noisy wallpaper role, in this case the SMG cartoon channel as a kid is present. Chopsticking into Chengdu dishes the cartoons are given a break and there’s an public harmony message aired.

The hosts of prominent Shanghai tv shows have participated in a “civic-consciousness” ad.

I see them waiting till subway commuters get off (opposite to barging in the moment the doors open), I see them standing on the right side of the escalator (opposite to blocking the escalator for anyone in a hurry).

Basically I see them applying all kind of forms of civilization that sometimes is hard to find here. It’s done nicely and I agree with the message although it may be slightly Utopian.

After another bite of some tofu I say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if every one in the world behaved like this”.

From the corner of the table the 8 year old son quips, “Never in Shanghai.”

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One Response to “Civic-consciousness Lessons on Shanghai TV”

  1. Leo
    March 21st, 2008 07:47

    well, it will take time, but it could happen in China.

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