Element Fresh Dots And Staff Toilets

The place is close, Nanjing Lu, the coffee is getting more expensive every time (regular Yunnan brew from 12 Rmb to 16 Rmb) but the terrace makes up for that.

There’s just one thing that keeps amazing me, and this is based on 4 years of research.

Every time I go to the bathroom it’s occupied. And every time it’s one of the staffers. Now I understand that staffers also need moments of rest and quietness and I wholly endorse that but please give them their own toilets.

Element Fresh Spring Day

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2 Responses to “Element Fresh Dots And Staff Toilets”

  1. mcc122
    May 22nd, 2008 21:22

    amazing research finding…
    the restaurant expended to 2 floors now. i thought there were 2 bathrooms at 2nd floor…
    non-smoking all day at 1f…

  2. Shanghai
    May 22nd, 2008 21:30

    Yes, research from frequenting the place for more than 4 years:)

    Yes, there’re 2 toilets now on the second floor, and yes, they are most of the time occupied by staff, at least when I go there, or the people I’m with.

    Next to that, it’s not a bad place at all, nice terrace and service is for the most part pretty ok.

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