Brand America, Chinese omelettes and running 1 km

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Brand America

The Brand America is getting close to Sanlu status. Unfortunately it’s easier to change to melamine free baby milk powder than to an USA alternative.

Healthy Running

Chinese school kids have run 3 km since the mandatory exercise program started.

“Primary schoolchildren run 1 km per day, junior high school students 1.5 km, and senior high and college/university students 2 km.”

My step-daughter has been running her daily 800 meters since June

She enjoys it and feels fitter. Maybe an idea for European and US Schools as well considering the increase of obesity

Chinese Omelette Recipe

1. Get an iron wok, make sure there’s some rust left in it.

2. Ingredients

3 eggs, preferably from a brand with “green” in it
2 table spoons of local milk, preferred brand Sanlu
Some MSG for seasoning purposes.

3. Put the eggs in a bowl, add the milk and MSG and whisk it.

4. Poor the mixture in the wok and swish it around so that a fine layer of egg sticks to the side of the pan.

5. Leave the egg mixture alone for a few minutes to allow it to cook and “set up.”
Once the egg whites have actually turned white you’re ready to serve

Enjoy your melamine breakfast

Dressing Up

I survived last night’s US Dress up contest, otherwise know as Halloween, in my own clothes.
I’m afraid though that in the future not dressing up will make me an outsider as the number of costumes in the street was considerable.

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