Hainan Airport Sucks for the Moment

This week is going to be Hainan week, or at least for the coming days. Why Hainan? Because we went there and I felt like a good write up of the Chinese Hawaii would be in place. It’s a pretty nice island but before I’ll get into that, in the next post, first some travel advice.

They are making Hainan airport bigger which results in having hardly any space right now. We traveled back last Sunday and the whole place is small, unorganized and pretty much a disaster. If you go to Hainan, make sure you won’t go during a holiday like Christmas as I can imagine it will be worse.

And no, I have no understanding for disorganization so don’t thank for me it.
hainan airport

Quiz question!!!
sanya airport

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the Hainan airport logo?

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2 Responses to “Hainan Airport Sucks for the Moment”

  1. Back to Shanghai with Spring Airlines | Shanghai China Snippets
    December 9th, 2006 23:47

    Our airline was Spring Airlines, one of the very few official budget airlines in China. I already mentioned in a previous post that Hainan Airport sucks at the moment due to ongoing construction. Flying with Spring Airlines doesn’t make it any better. It’s the ultimum of cattle class. Leg spaces is non-existing, a tall foreigner next to me had his legs folded up against the lap tray table (it wasn’t opened) the whole flight. Spring Airlines doesn’t offer food for free so bring some with you. …

  2. Lap Tray | Fusion Living
    October 19th, 2011 23:01

    [phpbay]Lap Tray, 100[/phpbay] Where can I buy them trays cheap the lap tray with bean bag cushion underneath? To eat your dinner on? Not online though I would try Woolworth’s or Harrod’s Wheelchair lap tray.mov [phpbay]Lap Tray, 100[/phpbay] 80″ height=”295″> …

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