World Cup 2006 China

I have watched way to many football games until now. Resulting in too little sleep.

Some observations:

6 hours time difference is too much. Either change Beijing Standard Time for a month or reschedule the games

In a country where social stability is everyday’s slogan, make sure university students have electricity 24/7. They want to watch football, not study for their exams

There is about a 10 second time difference between the game on Chinese TV and Dutch radio. It’s fascinating to hear about a goal and actually be able to mentally prepare for seeing it on CCTV 5.

Watch the World Cup crowd
And what would it be like to be one of those guys facing the public during the match.

Friend: I heard you were there, you know “The World Cup”
Crowd watcher: Yep, I was.
Friend:: You’ve seen any great matches?
CW: No, but I did hear and feel them.
Friend: Huh, where did you sit in the stadium
CW: I actually stood
Friend: Really, was it that busy.
CW: Yeah, but I did see a lot of people.

I wonder how much they got paid or maybe they volunteered for ogling fans.

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One Response to “World Cup 2006 China”

  1. zhonghuarising
    June 21st, 2006 10:18

    I agree that it must be the worst job in the stadium to have to watch the crowd, not the game. They don’t even seem to turn around when a goal is scored! I suppose they can’t, given that they must watch the crowd go mad instead…

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