Bread Prices - Two Ways of Dealing With It

Bread Prices - Two Ways of Dealing With It.

The price of almost everything has been going up in China, including the price of grain.

I buy my bread in 2 places and both shops have approached the price increase differently.

In the Portman bakery (inside the City supermarket) the ciabattas have a slightly smaller square cm size, and are half as thick as before. You can almost call it a ciabatta crust. The price is the same, 18 Rmb. For reference sake, the price of the same ciabatta was once 12 Rmb in 2005 in the Portman Bakery

In Paul’s they have decided to increase the price instead of halving the bread. A white bread that previously set you back 18 Rmb now costs you 22 Rmb. An increase of more than 22%.

Personally I prefer Paul’s approach. I have to pay more but at least you can still call it a bread.

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One Response to “Bread Prices - Two Ways of Dealing With It”

  1. Michael
    March 17th, 2008 23:12

    Here in germany it’s the same, prices have gone way up over the past years but salaries didn’t increase at the same time. Life has gotten much more expensive!

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