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  • China’s Changing Economy And YouOne of our China lawyers got the following email this week (modified a bit to avoid any identifiers): I am certain you hear this everyday…”my supplier has disappeared with my deposit.” For the first time in 20 years it has just happened to me. We are a small family business in Illinois importing promotional products… Continue Reading
  • Negotiating With Chinese Companies. The Pros And Cons of MOUs.We have a number of times written on the problems that can arise from using memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with Chinese companies. See the following for some of those posts: The China MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Use Them At YOUR Peril. China MOU. Like I Really Care. China MOUs. I Really Do Care. Deeply. Mostly… Continue Reading
  • China Challenges U.S. Antidumping Policies In WTOThe U.S. Trade Representative (“USTR”) announced last week that China, in a follow-up to its December 3, 2013 request for World Trade Organization (“WTO”) consultations, has asked for a dispute settlement panel concerning certain U.S antidumping methodologies. The USTR requests public comments on the issues identified by China in its panel request. China challenges certain… Continue Reading
  • Chen Min (Xiao Shu 笑蜀) to speak at GWU Law School (April 22)
  • Mike Dowdle on Cai Dingjian
  • More on the debate over Confucius Institutes
  • Tianenmen Square Anniversary - Are things changing? While never expecting to be able to see anything about Tianenmen Square on the internet here in China, we still try every now and again to see what we can pull up with a simple internet search. Also, the…
  • China earthquake medical supplies list — EnglishDownload earthquake_needs_sichuan_china_21_may_2008.doc This is a Word document of the present needs list of medical supplies. This translation came from our office because we have been asked for an English language version. Funds might be sent in via the Red Cross,…
  • Chinese Visa BacklogWe have been getting 20-30 phone calls per day about getting a Chinese visa. Each caller seems to have been told some different story about what can and can not be done. So, I’m writing to try and clarify things…
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