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  • China Employment Compliance and Audits: THE New Big ThingChina is serious about improving the situation for its workers. I repeat, China is serious about improving the situation for its workers. I feel the need to repeat this because many foreign companies doing business in China believe decreasing economic growth will lead the government to favor foreign employers. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Foreign employers do […]
  • China and Mexico: The Two Amigos? Part IVIn my first post, I discussed China’s efforts to build stronger economic ties with Mexico – and why Mexico should be clear-eyed about China’s motives. In my second post, I examined the current economic relationship between Mexico and China. In my third post, I explained why the economic relationship between China and Mexico has made […]
  • Chinese Tire Companies Win U.S. Trade CaseThe U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) yesterday determined by a 3-2 vote that the domestic U.S. tire industry was not injured or threatened with injury by imports of truck and bus tires from China. Although the U.S Department of Commerce last month in its concurrent investigations had determined that Chinese truck and bus tires were […]
  • Did China’s award of a trademark to Donald Trump violate Chinese law?
  • Seminar on Chinese Guiding Cases, Feb. 22, Washington DC
  • Chinese court enforces Singapore judgment on the basis of reciprocity
  • Tianenmen Square Anniversary - Are things changing? While never expecting to be able to see anything about Tianenmen Square on the internet here in China, we still try every now and again to see what we can pull up with a simple internet search. Also, the…
  • China earthquake medical supplies list — EnglishDownload earthquake_needs_sichuan_china_21_may_2008.doc This is a Word document of the present needs list of medical supplies. This translation came from our office because we have been asked for an English language version. Funds might be sent in via the Red Cross,…
  • Chinese Visa BacklogWe have been getting 20-30 phone calls per day about getting a Chinese visa. Each caller seems to have been told some different story about what can and can not be done. So, I’m writing to try and clarify things…
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