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  • How To Sue Chinese Companies, Part 4This is Part 4 of this series on how to sue a China company. This is the final post explaining what you can do to try to secure redress against a Chinese company that owes you money or has wronged you. Part 1 dealt with jurisdiction and on Hague Convention service of process. Part 2 was on conducting discovery against a Chinese… Continue Reading
  • China Guanxi: You Don’t Have It.Five days ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin, entitled, China Guanxi: You Don’t Have It.  That post essentially counsels to be skeptical of any foreigner who claims to have guanxi and goes on to discuss why this is so and why guanxi is overrated in any event. The post lists out the following reasons… Continue Reading
  • China NDA: A Day In The Life Of A China Lawyer, Part IISomeone in our China Law Blog Linkedin Group (please check it out and join if you are not yet a member — we keep it entirely spam-free) asked a question regarding an NDA with a Chinese supplier. Someone else in the group responded by referring the questioner to this free online NDA. I (and most… Continue Reading
  • Hypocrisy and human rights
  • Annotated version of the Fourth Plenum decision (add your own!)
  • The Fourth Plenum’s “Decision”: my take
  • Tianenmen Square Anniversary - Are things changing? While never expecting to be able to see anything about Tianenmen Square on the internet here in China, we still try every now and again to see what we can pull up with a simple internet search. Also, the…
  • China earthquake medical supplies list — EnglishDownload earthquake_needs_sichuan_china_21_may_2008.doc This is a Word document of the present needs list of medical supplies. This translation came from our office because we have been asked for an English language version. Funds might be sent in via the Red Cross,…
  • Chinese Visa BacklogWe have been getting 20-30 phone calls per day about getting a Chinese visa. Each caller seems to have been told some different story about what can and can not be done. So, I’m writing to try and clarify things…
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