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  • Eight+ Things to Read About China and Other Things, Part 18This is the eighteenth episode in our ongoing Saturday series on eight+ things to read about China and a lot more. We constantly get emails from readers asking what to read on China and all sorts of things related and even barely related to China and this series is intended to constantly and consistently answer these questions….
  • China’s Intellectual Property Courts: A Procedural Overview— Protecting Innovation in an Innovative Way: What are China’s IP Courts? After decades of engagement between US and Chinese legal experts on reforming IP protection in mainland China, Chinese IP courts were first pioneered in 2014 in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou (see the National People’s Congress (NPC) Decision of Establishing Intellectual Property Courts in…
  • Moving Manufacturing from China: Where you Gonna Run?Many of our clients are considering moving their manufacturing out of China. As they look around S.E. Asia and South Asia (and occasionally elsewhere as well), they often come us with the question: where should we move? In analyzing that question, it is worthwhile to consider why manufacturers were initially attracted to China back in…
  • Moving my blog site
  • How to become a China lawyer
  • Full Private Land Ownership Returns to China’s Cities
  • Tianenmen Square Anniversary - Are things changing? While never expecting to be able to see anything about Tianenmen Square on the internet here in China, we still try every now and again to see what we can pull up with a simple internet search. Also, the…
  • China earthquake medical supplies list — EnglishDownload earthquake_needs_sichuan_china_21_may_2008.doc This is a Word document of the present needs list of medical supplies. This translation came from our office because we have been asked for an English language version. Funds might be sent in via the Red Cross,…
  • Chinese Visa BacklogWe have been getting 20-30 phone calls per day about getting a Chinese visa. Each caller seems to have been told some different story about what can and can not be done. So, I’m writing to try and clarify things…
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