Shanghai Circus World

Last Saturday we went to Shanghai Circus World. I hadn’t been to a circus for years and having to entertain 2 kids we felt this was a good activity.

Shanghai Circus World

Little did we know that kids aged 11 regard circuses just so so, they prefer playing games. The adults on the other hand enjoyed it a lot.

The location has its own subway stop, appropriately named Circus World, so getting there you can hardly go wrong. Buying tickets is a bit harder as their are no clear directions. We found them eventually due to the active guard who steered all parents to the ticket windows next to the parking place at the main road.

There are two theaters but only the small one is in use for the so-called Happy Circus Summer Holiday Edition. It’s old, the seats are past the expiry date but at the same time this just adds to the atmosphere.

We were told not to make pictCircus bearures and definitely not use flash. The first act with poodles running around started and we all flashed of course.

The weekends are special as there are the big animals, 2 sea lions heading a ball, 2 small bear acrobats, horses doing the Hungarian galloping and of course the tigers plus one lion.

And not to forget, a whole bunch of clowns jumping around.

The lion was the most fun as he acted as he should. Growling he entered, grrwwww, making sure we all knew there was only one king. The tigers were more sedated and jumped nicely through hoops.
tiger jumping

More info:

Shanghai Circus World
2266 Gonghe Xin Lu
Tel. +86(21)6652-7750
Hours: 9am-7:30pm

How to get there:
Metro Line #1 Shanghai Circus World (2 minutes walk)

More info: Tickets and Seat plan

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