A Ticket for Old Paper

More than a week ago I participated in the Shanghai Travel
Mart. The first two days were the B to B days. Business
cards changed hands, promises were made, intentions expressed and
photo’s of the competition taken. The last two days were open to the
public. There were not many persons who wanted to buy an entrance
ticket but a big portion of those who did were on a mission. The “I
collect whatever piece of brochure, leaflet or flyer” visitors. Even
English brochures were popular although it was evident the grabber
wouldn’t be able to read a word. I was amused and timed how long it
would take before a pile of flyers disappeared. About a minute.

Later my girlfriend told me these visitors weren’t contemplating a
trip to Holland or Guilin, it was pure business. Apparently the money
to be made of old paper outweighs the price of an entry ticket.

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