No flu, slow internet and PDF

Right, having spent the last days in bed because of the flu I am happy to be back again in the land of the sane. My own sanity, I should add. The good thing of being beaten by a virus is that it gives you a chance to realize your Internet addiction. How bad do I have to feel to not log on? Pretty bad. I have missed a lot of news, which is another plus. Less to worry about. Back online, I notice that in High Tech, Advanced and Scientific country China they are still unable to deliver high-speed ADSL. It actually seems the speed and reliability is decreasing by the day. At times it is so slow that I contemplate reading the China Daily again. An effective and natural way of stopping the free flow of information. Another thing that got me started today is the use of .pdf by websites. And then the special form… you click and surprise… the browser starts to open acrobat reader because it’s a .pdf file. Then my browser crashes etc, etc. How darn user unfriendly can you be not to tell people that clicking this link be presented with a .pdf file. The site of the bar Number 5 is an example. I just wanted to see their menu.. Wow.. It got me crashed, it took 5 minutes of my life so no, I won’t check out their drinks. At least not online.

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