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I read about the Google Webaccelerator but didn’t give it too much thought. Mostly what stopped me from using it was the fact that it is one more step in giving up my private dna. Fons of the China Herald blog wrote about the possibilities of the new gadget in relation to the firewall. As the accelerator is in effect a huge proxy it could be helpful to circumvent China’s Great Wall. I installed it and as far as my experiences go it seems the Great Wall has has started to close some gaps. Searching for the words “bbc news” gave me first some errors, as well in Firefox as in IE. Then after restarting I got some Google results on those search terms. Clicking on the BBC news link Firefox gave me the following message.

“The connection was refused when attempting to contact the proxy server you have configured. Please check your proxy settings and try again”

Well, it’s these kind of messages that make me uninstall the software and wait till I get more proof that it either works or that ii is not worth the hassle to use it.

Lately I have run into some other possible smart ways of being blocked, so called “partial web page blocking”. I have the feeling that on certain sites I can read 95 % but some articles are bloody well blocked because they contain some terms that apparently are red flagged. If I know more I will let you know.

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