Totally forgot my Monday Rant

I have been so focused on making the design of this blog more acceptable that I actually forgot to complain and wine about anything. I should more often be focused, I guess. Anyway, although not 100% finished we are getting there.

To get back to some more substantial content I will do the “blogger” thing, that is, tell you what I have been reading on the web, give you a small intro, give the link and get some credit for making this available.

Today some links to my favorite reads.

  • Danwei - Today they treat us on the legal issues related to the Olympic Games - a China Media Blog - Constant and Humorous
  • Laowaiass - The guy doesn’t post daily but when he does the cynism is dripping from the screen. Absolutely great

Ok. next time I have absolutley no inspiration I’ll surprise you with another set of “my favourites”. In the mean time I go on improving this blog. If you have any feedback, comment or just like to buy a book. Go ahead.

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5 Responses to “Totally forgot my Monday Rant”

  1. Maria Trombly
    June 14th, 2005 13:19

    You mentioned Jimix pizza in a previous post. What is this pizza? Where do you get it? I’m suffering here in Shanghai from a lack of good pizza…

    – Maria

  2. Administrator
    June 14th, 2005 23:32

    Hi Maria,

    Jimix is on 605 Beijing Xi Lu, the cross street is Shimenlu. The location is actually quite nice, courtyard like. Last time I had pizza there, 2 weeks ago, the crust was a bit too hard for my taste. In general their crusts are thin. I thought though, you were a Pappa Johns Fan….
    Last time service was a bit lax.. But now and then it’s not a bad place at all, especially because of the quiet courtyard

  3. Administrator
    June 14th, 2005 23:40

    well. I should have given the phone numbe too..
    here it is ..021 62533399

  4. Russell
    January 26th, 2006 21:01

    just stumbled on your website and i can’t believe your attitude. The whole world does not share the same culture. I can see where your coming from in stories like not getting a thankyou when you buy your cigarettes - it hurts me too. In Australia we are also programmed to expect a thankyou but obviously this is not done in China. Try to see things from a few different angles and don’t take things so personally and just get stuck in to the Qing Dao. If you feel like replying please reply to my email address. Thanks.

  5. Administrator
    January 28th, 2006 00:41

    Did I mention I was stuck into the Qingdao….can’t recall that, but thanks for the angle on me. Russell, I fully agree with you that my attitude might not always be right, that’s something called, being a human, and this blog is the place where I can show the world my flaws, opinions, insights and experiences. Have fun.

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