A Week Full of Bashing

The Chinese blogosphere has been tortured lately with some heated debates about China bashing, Japan bashing, foreigner bashing and whatever lays ready to bash. It all started so innocent.

A remark by the author of the Horse’s Mouth about the poor usage of the English language in the People’s Daily upset the Chinese blogger Bingfeng so much that he started shouting about China bashing. Very amusing and sweet to read.

My take: I totally agree with mister Bingfeng. It’s ridiculous to even assume that somebody writing for the English version of the People’s Daily should be capable to write.. proper English. In fact it is a blessing in disguise. Would it be written better, I might start to believe it.

Another hot thing these days is the usage of the word “d*******y” in the Chinese version of Spaces. Spaces is a copycat of Blogger and the likes that offer the not-too-technical web citizens the chance to occupy some virtual property. With the help of some simplified software they then can start to write on the web what they normally would only have shared with the fixed version of their diary. A sweet Microsoft longtime blogger who felt the need to give his opinion stirred the pot a bit more. Today he came to the conclusion that in hindsight he should have stayed out of it. That last part gives him credit. In between an apparent voice on these kind of things gave the Microsoft blogger a good bashing. Maybe that and the opinions of some other people made him to say.. well, see before. It gets confusing as there seems to much bashing anyway so I’ll wrap it up with my take on it.

Microsoft is a company that wants to make money, lots of money. To make a lot of money means you have to adjust yourself to your clients, understand the laws of the clients and please the clients by thinking ahead regarding possible laws that may or may not ever materialize. So yeah, they filter a bit, according to one for the fellows who works at the spaces, but that’s okay.

As always, in all the above-mentioned links the comment sections are the best part.

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